‘Lumen’ Exhibition 2011

'Lumen' Exhibition Sept - Nov 2011, Art, Mannart

Concerned with interior space, habitation and corporeal
This fluidity of illumination is recorded in different ways in this work.

Sean’s prints are composed of forms and spaces that reference Megalithic temples found on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo together with the remains of World War One sea defences found on the north-east coast at Kilnsea, East Yorkshire.

These places share similarities, remains from a turbulent past, strong connections with the sea, holding forms that had been eroded to create sculptural ghosts, creating dramatic environments naturally.

Some of these spaces are hidden. Some are just off, or under the street. Others are on lonely hillsides. Some have still to be found, whilst others are being reclaimed by the sea. Ancient and modern architecture is juxtaposed and layered endeavouring to create new internal spaces and forms. Light enters these relics and shadows push great masses of concrete and sandstone to and fro,towards and against the tides.

Charlotte uses the fluidity of wire and line to explain the abstract figuration of the body – stripped of identity – The intensity of being undetectable – The form transgressed and transfigured – internal spaces – fragile – revealed (ill) lumen (ated).

We are not… what we imagine…

Sean and Charlotte 2011

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